A strong involvement
in your digital innovation
for a strong & sustainable

Our team is an extension of yours. And it’s because we are part of the same team that we have the same dedication to your success.

Meet your new coworkers best friends.

Jaret Cohen

Co-founder & CEO

Tristan Adlawan

Co-founder & CTO

Janelle Hernandez

Director Of Client Relations

Tracey Uyematsu

Fulfillment Strategist

Gabriel Peralta

Director Of Strategic Partnerships

Eddie Bonsu

Technical SEO Engineer

Greg Oats

Senior Software Engineer

Jamie Pask

Theme Developer

Serhii Svyrydenko

Theme Developer

Dharmesh Dobariya

Theme Developer

Sanjay Vachhani

Theme Developer

Giana Blantin

Theme Developer

Nitin Pawar

Theme Developer

Vikram Dhangar

Theme Developer

Louise Marielle Nonog

Theme Designer

Ian Pasicolan

Theme Designer